So just how well is my website ranked?

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

All good businesses are familiar with the scenario. You decide you need a website or you have grown to the point where your current one is in real need of updating.  You brace yourself to embark on an online media journey, that at times, can present a bumpy, confusing and sometimes expensive ride.  There are so many sources of information out there. Do's, don'ts and continuous developments to keep up with - a real world wide web of uncertainty!

So what are your options? To slave away over a hot computer yourself or pass the wooden spoon of resourcefulness over to someone else?  Knowing when its the right time to step away and ask for anothers help can be a tough but also a very rewarding decision to make. 

For the majority of business owners, there's hardly enough time to be spent actually running your business, let alone lend the time needed for learning all about the technology side of things. However, there are fundamentals you need to ensure are in place with web coding and designing and the same applies once your site has gone live. Its advisable to work with a quality web design company, unless you are in a position to have an in-house resource, that can dedicate the time, knowledge and know-how to ensure your online presence is functional, attractive and and well optimised.  Furthermore, with the ability to check the ranking or positioning of your website post creation.  This part is key to ensuring that you are getting the right results from your website.  After all, your website be working as hard for your business as you do!

As reported in a recent article published by Site Pro News' Steve Penny, 'If you want a website that works for both people and search engine spiders like GoogleBot, you have to spider check your work. It sounds obvious and simple, but if you don’t spider check your work – how do you know it works?'

At Website Performance Testing this is exactly what we do.  Through running one-off or regular performance reports, or specific tests on your websites accessibility, content, marketing and technology, we can ensure your business is right on track.  We can check that your developer has dotted the 'i's, crossed the 't's and recommend the essential changes you may need to make to ensure you are at the top of your game.  

If you would like to find out more please contact us for further details or call us on 01243 888555.