Twitter Results

What does it do?

Track and improve relevant social activity on Twitter. In particular, this test looks at anyone linking to this website, and analyses any official Twitter feeds, if known.

Example results

Sample test results

Why is it important?

Twitter is one of the most prominent social networks and one of the most effective means of delivering social traffic to a website.

How is it measured?

This test checks for any tweets which link to the website being tested, including those hidden inside URL shortening services like tinyurl or

This test also checks the official Twitter account(s) for this website, where known. The test attempts to guess an official Twitter account by searching the homepage of the website when it first being tested for a link to a single Twitter account, but it only does this once for the life of the website. If a Twitter account is not found, you can specify one manually by clicking Site Settings > Test configuration and filling in the Twitter username(s) box. Separate multiple usernames with commas.

Understanding results

People talking most about this site

This table displays people who link to this website most often. Alongside each person is displayed their influence - an independent ranking of that user's influence over other Twitter users ranging from 1 to 10. A high influence means that user has a high effect on a large number of other users (e.g. they have a high follower count, are re-tweeted or referenced by other users frequently). The most influential tweeters are listed at the top of this table; you may wish to review these users first.

Most popular pages

This table lists the pages in this website that are linked by Twitter to the most often. For each page, a sample tweet is shown, providing an example of the type of link that usually points to this page. The tweeted column indicates how often this page was linked to, the hits column how often that link was clicked. Each page receives a score which ranks pages in descending order for how much social traffic they generated. The final clickthrough column counts what percentage of hits were generated from the tweets. A figure of 100% would indicate that for every one tweet, one person clicked upon the link. Therefore, for a page to go 'viral' it must have a clickthrough far higher than 100%.

Owner's tweets

This table lists recent tweets made by the official Twitter account(s) for this website, if any are known. Each tweet awarded a score which ranks how frequently any link on the tweet was clicked. The Links to site? column indicates whether the tweet linked to the website being tested or not, and if so shows a number indicating how many clicks that link received.

Potential problems

The test says the website has no Twitter account, but it does. SiteBeam attempts to guess the official Twitter account for a website, but only once - at the time you are adding it to SiteBeam. If a Twitter account is not found, you can specify one manually by clicking Site Settings > Test configuration and filling in the Twitter username(s) box. Separate multiple usernames with commas.

Your website may not want to use Twitter. This is fine, but we still recommend using this test. It allows you to keep an eye on how others may be linking to you on Twitter. If you really wish to avoid it, you can simply manually Exclude this test.

How to improve this score

This test will make specific recommendations based upon whether you already have a Twitter account and how people are talking about you (if at all). Generally, you will be advised to keep a balance between linking to your own site and messaging people for optimal performance.

Don't assume that your websites must always score a perfect 10 for this test. See Perfectionist fallacy.

How to use this test effectively

Consider whether you intend to make use of Twitter or not for your website. Ensure that SiteBeam knows what your Twitter account(s) are. Run this test regularly to check who is linking to you and in what context, and to refine the use of your Twitter account(s) where appropriate.

Impact on Summary Scores

Summary Score Percentage Penalty
Marketing Score 5.8% None
Overall Score 1.5% None