What do we test?

Website Accessibility Testing

Measures how accessible the website is to people, particularly those with disabilities or non-standard browser (such as mobile phones). This includes people with visual impairment (e.g. colour blindness, long sightedness or blindness), learning difficulties and an inability to use a mouse or keyboard.

Website Content Testing

Measures the quality of content in a website. This includes the use of well written, up-to-date text, meta data and imagery. Although some of these areas may require technical expertise to implement, if the website makes proper use of a Content Management System they should not; ideally everything this tests for can be handled by dedicated content developers.

Website Marketing Testing

Tests how well marketed this website is online. In particular, this includes a focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social marketing.

Among other things, this summary score looks at whether the content of the website is optimised for your chosen keywords, how popular, well linked to and highly ranked the website is, how it is linked to on Twitter, and what technical aspects have been addressed.

Website Technology Testing

Assesses the technical quality of the website: how well it is built and maintained from a technical standpoint.

This covers aspects of a website that are often not visible to non-technical users, but still highly important. For example, is the website spiderable? If not, many users may never ever see it. Is it built in a way that makes it easier or harder to maintain? Does it follow appropriate technical standards like W3C?