Test the performance of your company’s website and discover areas for improvement with our unique report.

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Website Performance Testing

Comprehensive testing made simple.



Compare your site against your competitors.

Ranking of your website


See how well your website ranks in the search engines.



Tested on all the important areas.



All information provided in a neat report.

The overall score for this website.

Ranks on individual parts of the website indicating what to improve.

Website performance test example

Provides a detailed report on what to improve.

The Key Points gives you the top good and bad points of the website.

What does
the test do?

An ideal way to take your website for a test run, bring your website up to speed, check to see if your developer has dotted the 'i's and crossed the 't's, or better still, make sure they're going to before you sign on the line.

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How the reports work

The overall score for this website.

The website that is being tested.

How the report works

The report provides sub-categories that has been graded. Each sub-category gives a detailed view on what to recommend.